The Importance of Venting Water Heaters

The process of venting a water heater is not as easy as one might think. There is a need to properly understand the various types of vent (Yes, there is more than one!) that is available for water heaters.  This is aside from understanding why you should vent your water heater.  Let’s take a look.

Why Vent?

Venting is a process reserved for water heaters that rely on the burning of fossil fuels to generate heat.  This means that it is not required for electric water heaters.  As fuel is being burned, it will obviously create fumes.  Keep in mind that the fumes are not always visible, but, they do exist whether you see them or not.

If you home has a chimney, then this would be the most obvious way to vent smoke and fires that come from the water heater.  Gas-fired water heating units do not necessarily produce smoke that is visible, but it does create plenty of fumes.  Why is it necessary to vent these fumes?

The fumes are made up of carbon monoxide gases, which when allowed back into your home will pose great risk to everyone living in it. The same goes if you have an oil-fired water heater, which emits toxic fumes that must be vented properly.

This highlights the importance of venting gas- and oil-fired water heaters unless you are willing to take the risk of exposing your health to danger.  Imagine the fumes generated by these water heating systems as similar to the exhaust produced by your car.  Would you care to breathe in this type of fume on a regular basis?  I think not!

Types of Vents

It is easy to think that venting is just venting; just let the fumes out and you’re done.  This is not quite true because of the different types of venting that can be done to effectively get rid of the fumes generated by your home water heating system.

By ensuring that the right type of vent is properly installed in your home, you are likewise ensuring the health of your family.  Let us take a look at the different types of vents that can be used in home with or without chimneys.

  • Traditional Vents – these are used mainly with traditional type water heating systems. In this setup the fumes generated by the water heater is exhausted through the flue or what is basically its chimney. The fumes will rise up to the chimney because of the heat.  Although this system has proven effective, it is not as efficient as one would wish. The good news is that the inefficiency of this venting system becomes significantly improved with newer water heating systems.
  • Power Vents – for more modern water heating systems, the power vent is used, or what is known as a balanced flue. In this setup, the motor forces the toxic fumes coming from the water heater through a pipe allowing it to be vented out of the building. This is better than simply relying on the heat to carry the fume up and out. When a chimney is not present, the power vent costs cheaper and becomes easier to install. By using a power vent, the mounting of the water heater becomes easier to do.  In fact, you may even mount the water heater in any place of your home, including the attic. The great thing with a power vent is that as long as you keep the water heating unit neat an external wall, fitting it can be as easy as drilling a vent hole out of the adjacent wall.

So why vent water heaters?  To make sure that you are not exposed to toxic fumes.  And to further enhance the safety in your home, make sure that your water heating system is installed and inspected regularly by licensed plumbing professionals.

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Knowing more Information about Hydro Jetting

Today, you would surely hear more often about hydro jetting from your plumbing contractor. This is because this procedure simply works well. It is best if you go for this service as a preventive measure rather than going for it when you see that the trouble in the sewer is already serious.

What is Hydro Jetting?

So how does this method work? Hydro jetting is the method for cleaning drain lines with the use of high water pressure. The water is shot from a hose that is attached to a specialized machine that provides high pressure to the water coming out. The power could be about 3500-5000 psi which is enough to break even tree root problems.

The pressure is very strong that it could wash away all the build-ups in the drain line surface both major and minor build-up. This is the reason why after doing the cleaning, your drain lines would seem to look brand new again.

How does it work?

For this cleaning to work, your plumbing system should have a cleanout. Most plumbing systems today have this. If ever the plumbing system doesn’t have this one. The plumbing company would make one which could be used for other cleaning purposes in the future. This is one time digging only so there is nothing that you have to worry about.

The cleaning uses a hydro jetter with a large water tank. The hose is strong enough to withstand the high pressure of water coming out from the specialized machine.

Do not be surprised that the jetting is done against gravity. As we all know, your plumbing system is designed to move downstream. If the cleaning is against gravity, you could be sure that after breaking down the clogs or blockages, everything would fall down the end of the drain.

When do I need to use Hydro Jetting?

This hydro jetting method is considered when other traditional methods like using a plunger and plumbing snake do not anymore work. Failure of these methods simply means that the blockage is tougher that is why a tougher cleaning method has to be applied.

What are the benefits of it?

  • Easily cuts through serious blockages and tree roots
  • Thorough cleaning from various types of build-ups in the drain
  • Fast cleaning
  • Environment-friendly

This procedure would never become popular and in demand if it doesn’t work. Since a lot of homeowners consider this service, it simply means that it had met the expectations of many.

Call Upland Plumbing now if you need this kind of service. You could also call us if you simply need this service for maintenance procedure. We would be glad to discuss with some of your options for drain cleaning maintenance including the use of hydro jetting.

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Useful Information on simple Drain Cleaning

When the sink suddenly starts to slow down, you would immediately think about drain cleaning in order to get rid of anything that is causing the problem. Before you pick up the phone and dial the number of your trusted plumber, why not do the cleaning your own first. The problem might be very easy to deal with.

The reason why people do not do it is because they lack proper information. Below are some basic things you need to know for simple drain cleaning.

Baking Soda

First, you have to deal with as many water as you can. This will help a lot so that the solution you use would reach as far down your drain.

Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the drain followed by a large pot of boiling water. You might see first that there would still be slow draining but after some time it will surely improve.

After the water dried up, try to repeat this process again and observe the draining. Do this a couple of times until you see that the drain is back to normal.


Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain then pour a cup of vinegar. Immediately after doing so plug-in the stopper to prevent fumes of the reaction from coming out. Leave it there for about 20-30 minutes.

The next step is to pour boiling water in to the drain and observe what happens. If the draining is still slow, repeat this process until you see some improvement.

The good thing about this procedure and the first one is it does not use harsh chemicals so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to its effects on the drain. These procedures would often be enough for dealing with minor clogs.

Using a Plunger

If ever the draining is still slow, your next option is to use a plunger. Applied with the right force, the clog would surely break especially when you have already done the steps above. Those procedures would surely loosen up the clog so when a plunger is used, you get better results.

For those who do not have a plunger yet at home, this is something that you really need to have. It is handy and pretty useful in dealing with clogs. Just learn how to use it right to get maximum results from your efforts.

If any of the tips above did not work, you might want to try purchasing a known drainer or you could simply call the experts for help. There are just times that blockages are serious and only professional plumbers could deal with it. Call Upland Plumbing if you need professional drain cleaning service. After your call, a plumber would immediately be dispatched to your location.

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Leak Detection Methods for Repairing Water Leaks at Home

It is very important for homeowners to learn some leak detection methods to properly address leak problems at home. You could not deal with a leak problem if in the very first place you could not locate where the leak is. With proper knowledge, you could easily find the leak in your home for its immediate repair and avoid expensive damages.

If you are surprised with the sudden increased in the water bill even though water consumption for the month is just the same as the previous, then it could be a leak. You need to do more in depth inspection in order to learn if there is really a leak.

Places were leak could possibly occur:

  • Pool filters
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Sprinkler system

Leak detection

If the leak is located in visible areas, it would really not be hard to locate it. However, when it is in places that are buried on the ground, locating it would really be a big challenge. If ever any of the steps below did not lead you to finding the leak, you better get the service of a professional plumber.


The toilet is one of the most common places where a leak could occur. See to it that you inspect this area often so that you don’t have to face higher water bill due to toilet leak.

To check if there is leak, you need to put about 2-3 drops of colored dye in the tank. Leave it there for ten minutes. After the mentioned time, if you noticed some color in the toilet bowl, it is a sign that you have a leaky flapper.

It is also believed that your toilet has a leak when you hear running water in your toilet area especially during the night. If you experience this, seek the service of an expert for a thorough leak detection service.


It is quite easy to check the faucet for leaks. If there is water coming out in the faucet even though it is properly turned off, something is wrong in the faucet.

Check all the areas in your home where there is a faucet. If you see visible leak in it, deal with it immediately. It is best that you replaced the faucet especially if it is already aged.

You also need to do a regular checking in the morning in the fixtures where there are faucets. Check the area if there is a formation of water near it. There is a tendency that faucets would leak in the evening due to high pressure in the pipes.

Home Exterior

Also check your water sprinklers for leak. A sign that this part of your plumbing has leak is if you see a certain part of your yard that is greener.

When you suspect that there is leak in your home, and could not deal with it properly, it is necessary that you call the service of the expert for leak detection. We at Upland Plumbing could help. Our plumbers are well-trained to completely access your plumbing system and search for leaks. We make sure that all leaks are fixed properly to ensure that it will not anymore cause you more trouble.

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Choosing Copper Re-Piping

The choice of re-piping with copper pipes may be considerably expensive, but the immediate and long-term gains are priceless.

Benefits of Choosing Copper

The method of re-piping old plumbing pipes already poses distinct benefits for every homeowner.  Choosing to use copper as piping material presents additional benefits like:

  • Having tried and tested means of conveying water
  • Used in plumbing as early as 2500 BC by the Egyptians
  • Made from natural ore, which is good for the health of human beings
  • Eliminates potential problems with rust and corrosion
  • Withstands environmental factors
  • Limits the possibility of pinhole leaks
  • Increases resale value of homes
  • Preserves the quality of indoor and potable water supply

Common Plumbing Issues Solved

By choosing copper pipes for re-piping, there are many plumbing issues that will be solved or greatly minimized.  This means reduction of cost in water bills as well as lower possibility of plumbing repairs.  Some issues that can be addressed are:

  • Discolored water
  • Metallic taste
  • Leaks in and out of slabs
  • Mold and mildew growth

Copper Re-piping Expectations

The process of re-piping with copper pipes will replace sections or entire portions of your pipes.  This means that there will be substantial changes to expect with your plumbing system as well as the delivery of water throughout your home.  Some reasonable expectations can include:

  • Substantial increase in water pressure
  • Fewer instances of corrosion buildup in pipes
  • Improved water quality
  • Fewer contaminants in the water
  • Better quality of showers, dishwashing, and washing of clothes

Re-piping Timeframe

The actual timeframe to complete re-piping with copper pipes may vary distinctly depending on the size to be covered as well as the extent of damage to repair if any.

In general though, complete copper re-piping jobs can be finished within 24 to 48 hours.  This means minimal intrusion into the lives and routine of homeowners.  It also means that water supply to the entire house does not have to be cut off for extended periods.

Another consideration for the re-piping timeframe is if there are any patching jobs that have to be done.  If slabs or walls have been opened up during the re-piping process, the actual completion time may be extended.

Keep in mind that closing up these openings cannot be done until the welding of copper pipes have completely cured.  Only then can the patching up of cements and other materials can be started.  Allowing the cement to harden and completely cure may take another 2 to 3 days.

It is important to point out though that water supply can already be normalized in the entire household once the welded portion of the copper pipes have completely cooled off.

Call Upland Plumbing for professional services anytime and any day!

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Role of Professionals in Code Compliance

Implementing the updates to plumbing systems so they are up to code requires the intervention of licensed professional plumbers.

The Importance of Professionals

In the attempt to ensure that your home is up to code, it is necessary to understand the huge role that qualified professionals play.  Their understanding of previous and current plumbing codes is meant to provide safety for your home more than anything else.

Consider just how informed you are as a homeowner of whether or not the pipes in your plumbing system are made from approved materials.  It is difficult to establish from the untrained perspective if your chosen plumbing pipe is only aesthetically functional, but is detrimental to the quality of your drinking water.  Taking note of all these potential problems is the role of qualified plumbing professionals.

This is why it is extremely important to make sure that all plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance work are handled only by licensed professionals.  Otherwise, you may not only be in danger, but also spending too much than what is necessary.

Designed for Your Protection

Majority of the codes are designed to protect you, your family and your property.  Updating these codes means making them functional and relevant to the changes that are happening.  It is also a way for the government to ensure that the latest and appropriate technologies are properly used and implemented in homes and businesses.

This is why homeowners should be aware that professional plumbing contractors will always insist on doing inspections first rather than going straight to repairs.  This will help them to uncover potential hidden dangers as well as major issues that can be happening in your plumbing system without your knowledge.

Coverage of the Plumbing Code

It is not necessary to be aware of every bit of provision of the plumbing code; that is for professionals to handle.  What is important is that you have a functional knowledge of what the provisions are meant to provide as well as the extent of its coverage.  For homeowners, the electrical code and the plumbing code are two of the most important that they must be aware of.

The plumbing code basically is a set of industry standards made up of the Uniform Plumbing Code and the National Plumbing Code among others.  These form the basis for the adaptation and amendments presented by local authorities based on the actual needs in their localities.

The usual coverage of the plumbing code will include:

  • Safe installation practices
  • Effective and healthy drainage
  • Proper selection of materials
  • Quality of workmanship

It takes years to learn the finer details of this code.  We can simplify it for you by handling the updating of your plumbing system. Call Upland Plumbing today!

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Troubleshooting Icemaker for Servicing

Professional service for icemaker lines should only be called in after ample troubleshooting.

Check the Level

It is hard to immediately assume that when there is a problem with your icemaker that the line is the issue.  It is also possible that leakage can occur at various points of contacts.  Another possible cause is that the unit may not be perfectly level, which contributes to leakage.

Before you attempt to level the freezer, it is important to unplug the unit as safety precaution.  Use a spirit level on top of the freezer as a guide to its level.  Adjust the leveling feet accordingly to perfectly align the freezer from left to right.  Do this from all sides to verify that everything is leveled.

The icemaker unit must also be leveled by loosening the mounting screws.  Reposition the unit if needed and align the icemaker to ensure a perfect level.  Tighten the mounting screws once everything has been leveled to prevent the icemaker from shifting or moving.

The Water Supply Line

The most common problem to troubleshoot with the water supply line is to visually inspect for damages or breaks.  If you are not familiar with the water supply line, this is the tube that is found at the back of the freezer.  Its material is relatively strong which makes it fairly prone to damage.  Check the pipe for kinks and pinches as well.

The Fill Cup

The fill cup is used to receive the water as it enters the freezer.  It acts as a funnel that is responsible for directing the water into the molds to form ice cubes.  When it is not aligned properly you may experience problems like leaks.  Ice that is forming on the fill cup is an indication of a broken or faulty valve.

The Inlet Switch

Corrosion and damage are the things to be on the lookout for with the inlet switch.  You must remove it to be able to visually inspect it.  If you see any corrosion on its terminals, you must replace it.  A multimeter is needed to check if the inlet switch is properly working.  Check if it connects and reduces resistance by pressing the switch a couple of times.

The Inlet Valve

For safety purposes, it is important to disconnect any power to the freezer before you begin troubleshooting the inlet valve.  This can be found at the bottom of your freezer.  Cut off the water supply from the source and disconnect the supply line.  Have a bucket ready to catch any water that may be pouring from inside the inlet valve.

When you disconnect wires, make sure that you properly label them to make it easier to reconnect them.  The inlet supply tubes must also be removed.  Check the resistance of the coil using a multimeter.  You should be aware that the inlet valve can fail electronically and mechanically so you must check its mechanical function as well.

Call Upland Plumbing if you need more assistance or you need professionals to handle it instead!

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How to Fix Toilet Leaks

To prevent any leak problems in your home or office, you may need regular maintenance that will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can avoid any big issues from developing for employing the expert services of plumbing in Upland. As you know, it’s an annoyance and stress to meet any plumbing issues that can cause the increase in your water bills and waste water. A leak can be hard to notice and to detect if you don’t possess the right skills to figure out the problem. For toilet leaks, you can check out the following indicators that may help you correctly diagnose the problem.

Tell Tale Signs There Are Leaks

  • Unusual, strange noise coming from your toilet when not in use
  • Pressing down the flush handle hardly to empty the toilet water tank
  • Running out water on top of the overflow
  • While flushing, there’s water escaping down
  • Even if the flush handle’s not in use, water keeps running

On the other hand, you may still have toilet leaks even if you don’t see the above problems. In this case, it may be a silent toilet leak. What you can do:

Do a Dye Test

What you just have to do is to buy some dye from a water supply store. Then, you can start taking out the tank cover to see if the water is clear. Remember that if you have to remove any toilet cleaners or drain products if you’re using them when testing for water leaks in the toilet. Pour in enough water dye to make a deep coloring, and then wait for about half an hour to see any signs of the dye running down from the tank. There is toilet leak if you see dye color coming out the tank.

Perform an Overnight Test

What you just need to do is to turn off your water supply from the pipe that runs to your toilet. Take note of the water level in your tank. The next morning, re-check the water’s level. If you can notice any water loss, then you can conclude that there’s toilet leak.

What Causes Toilet Leaks

One thing, it can be a damaged seat under the flapper, overflowing damaged or cracked tube, broken gaskets or washers and others. What you should know is that even a small problem can waste a lot of water and in fact can cause up to five hundred gallons of water wasted every day if the problem is not attended to right away. The problem can be coupled if there are silent leaks that are left unaddressed for a long time.

Every now and then, you should have your system checked regularly to ensure that your toilet is working properly. This will also help you save money on your bills. An experienced plumber can help solve this problem by correctly assessing and analyzing what needs to be done. An expert in Upland plumbing repair for toilets can detect this problem easily as he has the needed skills training and experience in performing the job.

Help from Experts for Emergency Plumbing in Upland

Hiring experts to detect any leaks not just in your toilets but around your home or office is a wise move. It can help you save money for their long term solutions and guaranteed services. As an experienced professional in the plumbing industry, you can depend on quality emergency plumbing results all the time.

Should you desire to know more about Plumbing Upland, you should never think twice of giving us a call. We’re here to address leaky toilets in the shortest time possible.

Call us today!

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