Knowing more Information about Hydro Jetting

Today, you would surely hear more often about hydro jetting from your plumbing contractor. This is because this procedure simply works well. It is best if you go for this service as a preventive measure rather than going for it when you see that the trouble in the sewer is already serious.

What is Hydro Jetting?

So how does this method work? Hydro jetting is the method for cleaning drain lines with the use of high water pressure. The water is shot from a hose that is attached to a specialized machine that provides high pressure to the water coming out. The power could be about 3500-5000 psi which is enough to break even tree root problems.

The pressure is very strong that it could wash away all the build-ups in the drain line surface both major and minor build-up. This is the reason why after doing the cleaning, your drain lines would seem to look brand new again.

How does it work?

For this cleaning to work, your plumbing system should have a cleanout. Most plumbing systems today have this. If ever the plumbing system doesn’t have this one. The plumbing company would make one which could be used for other cleaning purposes in the future. This is one time digging only so there is nothing that you have to worry about.

The cleaning uses a hydro jetter with a large water tank. The hose is strong enough to withstand the high pressure of water coming out from the specialized machine.

Do not be surprised that the jetting is done against gravity. As we all know, your plumbing system is designed to move downstream. If the cleaning is against gravity, you could be sure that after breaking down the clogs or blockages, everything would fall down the end of the drain.

When do I need to use Hydro Jetting?

This hydro jetting method is considered when other traditional methods like using a plunger and plumbing snake do not anymore work. Failure of these methods simply means that the blockage is tougher that is why a tougher cleaning method has to be applied.

What are the benefits of it?

  • Easily cuts through serious blockages and tree roots
  • Thorough cleaning from various types of build-ups in the drain
  • Fast cleaning
  • Environment-friendly

This procedure would never become popular and in demand if it doesn’t work. Since a lot of homeowners consider this service, it simply means that it had met the expectations of many.

Call Upland Plumbing now if you need this kind of service. You could also call us if you simply need this service for maintenance procedure. We would be glad to discuss with some of your options for drain cleaning maintenance including the use of hydro jetting.

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